What critics have said about Michael William Gilbert’s new release Radio Omnibus: 

All About Jazz - “The album traverses the jazz idiom to the world spectrum, but what is clearly not boxable is the adventuresome spirit of the album. It breaks barriers and is clearly the signaling of what is to come in electronic styles of jazz and world music. It melds the world of electronic generated sounds with acoustic instruments with resounding perfection. "TimeSpace" is all about the possibilities of the electronically generated instruments. Gilbert creates a multi-layered soundscape that has percussive sounds, ambient sounds, and instrument sounds. All feel natural, flowing and building a composition that is emotional and impactful. The electronica element is present, and the beats are strong and danceable, but Gilbert's ideas and textural sound offer complex layering and orchestrational balance, with just the right amount of tension and release, which takes this track far beyond the electronica genre. "The Widening Sky" features (Adam) Holzman on electric piano and (Mark) Walker on drums. Gilbert blends his electronic sounds to match the timbre and acoustic color of the drum kit and electric piano. Layered with full bass, rich string sounds, and keyboard, Gilbert's compositions have a through-composed structure that focuses on developing soundscapes that flow into each other. His use of colorizations and seamless blending is flawless.” 

 Vinyl Anachronist - “This is music that's extraordinarily likeable in its beauty, weirdly delicate in a way that's not off-putting, original in the way the seams are obscured. It sounds fantastic, with deep synthesizer bass smashing through the floorboards, and dozens of layers of mechanical drones and swirling highs that set up a huge space for Gilbert's ideas. Highly recommended.” 

Jazz-квадрат/Jazzquad (Russia) - “A number of compositions, like the starting Onomatopia and The Widening Sky, demonstrate the full range of possibilities of modern electronic music - and it is thematic, richly ornamented and saturated with the polyrhythms of music, and not sound experiments. Radio Omnibus speaks very eloquently.” 

Blogcritics.org - “Compositions are a complex lattice of sounds, forming sonic clusters and projectiles meticulously threaded and entangled. Collaborating with Adam Holzman on keyboards and Mark Walker on drums, Gilbert makes experimenting with soundwaves and configuring original sonic motifs exciting. They all show a spontaneity that is laudable and intellectually stimulating. On Radio Omnibus, music and science come together to craft a futuristic, otherworldly, sci-fi sound that has to be heard.” 

Five Finger Review - “Even in its most densely orchestrated state, there’s a pronounced sense of purpose lighting the way. There’s clearly no chasm too wide for Gilbert’s sounds to cross. Holzman’s keyboards are exciting and fit in splendidly with Gilbert’s creative sounds. Gilbert has a flair for layering in a way that allows each voice to sit in the perfect sonic layer to resonate clearly and also contribute to the overall compositional intention. The electronic generated and acoustic melodic lines overlap, intermingle, and they sometimes clash for dramatic effect, but their sonorities blend perfectly and sound completely natural. In all, the compositions range from meditative to riotous and deftly balance the tightly scripted lines of acoustic and electronic sounds with mastery of intricacy. It takes a top-fight group of players to execute such an ambitious endeavor and Gilbert’s sounds have a richness in tone and sonic heft that matches the ensembles thickness.” 

Staccato - “Radio Omnibus is an album, steeped in incredible feelings and passions, that melds the sounds of ambient, experimental, and drone, with jazz, classical and world giving you an album that will move your senses. That’s the short of it!” 

Chalked Up Reviews - “I kept finding myself going back to “Rainbow 13,”it has a world flavored richness to it, yet the complexity of electronic music I enjoy.  Gilbert arranges the music in an almost avant-garde jazz meets electronic world idiom. He utilizes the lushness and beauty of world music and underpins it with jazz sensibilities and harmonic colors and movement. His music never lets the mind linger, and he fills the music with intrigue and complex colorizations that are smart and ripe with imagination.  “Rainbow 13,”could easily transfer to many uses, from soundtrack, to a seductive night of intrigue, to psychedelic experiences.  Either way, it’s a profound listen and a cortex experience of heightened awareness.Radio Omnibus is certainly a fitting title, as there are many volumes or as many music genres contained within the listen.  Hard to classify, yes –easy to listen to –most definitely, will challenge your senses –every time.  This album is meant for the musically adventurous mind and soul.  Unlike anything currently on the scene today for its richness of sound, but also for its ability to sound profoundly human in a digital platform.  Once again, Gilbert shows why he is the pioneer in this technique, and singularly still the reigning master of electronic and acoustic sound unification.” 

Midwest Record - “It's for everybody that has a taste for non EDM electronic music. With some well pedigreed jazzbos lending a hand, anyone who ever thought about Beaver & Krause will get this immediately and fire up the emails letting others know about it. Tasty stuff from a real pro that knows how to take the road less taken and not get lost.” 

Lemon Wire - “Radio Omnibus is an example of cutting-edge electronic music. Listeners’ senses are overwhelmed by the attention to detail. Audiences might be surprised to find themselves completely rapt.”